Aaron Carter Arrested On DUI, Weed Possession Charges

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Aaron Carter, who continues to bravely rock
the same hairstyle he did when he rose to stardom so many moons
ago, was arrested in Georgia on Saturday on alcohol and
marijuana charges.

According to CNN, the
29-year-old pop singer was pulled over around 9 p.m. in
Habersham County, around 90 miles north of Atlanta. He’s facing
several misdemeanor charges including DUI, possession of less
than an ounce of marijuana and possession of drug related
objects. TMZ adds that he refused a breathalyzer, as well
as blood and urine tests to determine if he was under the

Also in the car was his girlfriend, photographer Madison
Parker, who was arrested on charges of obstruction and two drug
related charges.

Earlier in the day, a tweet from his account said that he would
not make his set in Kansas City that night due to
“transportation issues.”

Interestingly, that was sent out just hours after this one, in
between several spammy-looking tweets promoting Uber:

Renaissance over.


In better boy band news, Nick Lachey posted a
cute Instagram of him and his wife of six years,
Vanessa Lachey.

Also, Nick Lachey is 43-YEARS-OLD. HOW.


Blac Chyna’s mother, Tokyo
, went on a deeply offensive rant about
Caitlyn Jenner and very unwisely posted it on
the internet. It’s bad! I’m telling you. You’ve been

Toni’s rage is apparently in the response to Jenner’s
appearance on The View last week, in which she said
she’d never met Blac Chyna or her daughter, Dream.

“I don’t know the Blac Chyna/Rob thing,” Jenner said on the
show. “Rob was stupid for doing that and he kind of apologized.
I really have not had much of a relationship—I’ve never met
Blac Chyna. I’ve never met the kid. Rob, I haven’t really had a
serious conversation with in years. So I’ve kind of been out of
that scene so I really can’t comment on what’s going on there.”

[The Daily Mail]

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