45 Years After Roe v. Wade, Cecile Richards Says, ‘This Administration Wants to Take All That Away’ 

It was 45 years ago that the Supreme Court decided that
abortion should be absolutely legal and even today we’re still
fighting to keep it that way. At the Women’s March in Las Vegas
on Sunday, Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards spoke about the
importance of the landmark case and how the organization she
leads is keeping it alive. Because the fight for reproductive
rights encompasses not just the right to obtain safe, legal
abortions, but also providing millions of American women with
access to birth control and adequate sexual education.

“We actually have the lowest abortion rate since Roe was
decided,” she says. “But unfortunately now this administration
wants to take all that way.”

Video: Field Producer: Spencer Wardwell; Producers: Phoebe
Bradford, Zoe Stahl; Creative Producer: Eddie Costas

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