A Private Jet Is the Perfect Place to Beef in The Platinum Life Premiere

As the women of The Platinum Life quickly learned in
Sunday night’s premiere, there is no better way to hash out an
issue with a nemesis than to be forced to share a tight space
with them on a private jet during a girls trip to a Jennifer
Lopez show in Las Vegas.

Episode 1 of E!’s reality series about the wives and girlfriends of music stars
employed the Basketball Wives and WAGS
formula precisely, with emphasis on the affluent lifestyle of
the cast, requisite shots of expensive cars and big houses, and
talk of fame, gossip and the pressure of keeping up
appearances. Fittingly, the episode opened with Ne-Yo’s wife
Chrystal Smith attempting to capture the perfect “plandid” workout shot for
Instagram while fake-boxing in a yard.

As we’ve heard before, it’s “not always glitz and glam.” Most
of the women introduced themselves by sharing the rags portion
of their journey. Nelly’s girlfriend Shantel Jackson says she
“grew up in the hood.” Ne-Yo’s wife Crystal Smith says she
“didn’t come from money” and that she gets scrutinized the most
because of her relationship with Ne-Yo (she’s had public friction with his
). And Miguel’s fiancée Nazanin Mandi has been on-and-off
with him for 11 years and says he recorded his first album in
their tiny studio apartment closet. She, to no surprise,
appears to be the most carefree in this crew, not to mention
the perfect match for Miguel. While driving to a group pool
party with her cousin, she informs her that the couch at home
is “so comfortable to bone on.”

The show has the makings of an okay Housewives
knockoff, a la WAGS, which similarly relies on the
cast members having prior friendships with each other.

To maintain their storylines, the women must have personal
goals and/or obstacles. For La’Myia Good—Meagan Good’s sister
and also the wife of singer/songwriter Eric Bellinger—it’s that
she feels torn between having another baby and focusing on her
career. Lola Monroe (girlfriend of rapper King Los) is “seeking
respect” as a rapper on her own terms. Alycia Bella
(ex-girlfriend of R&B singer Ty Dolla Sign) wants to get
back in the dating game but has trust issues.

The most present obstacle for Crystal is her preexisting beef
with Asiah Collins, wife of rapper Kid Ink. Though the exact
reason for their tension isn’t completely clear, that back
story will no doubt expand as the season goes on. In the
premiere, meanwhile, the feud escalates after producers set it
up so that Asiah planned a burlesque-themed brunch during the
same weekend that Ne-Yo arranged for Crystal and her friends to
see J. Lo in Vegas. The brunch has to be sacrificed because no
one can turn down a J. Lo concert.

In the petty clip above, Asiah complains about the private jet
not having enough legroom—“It’s a little cramped,” she says—and
her attitude doesn’t sit well with Crystal, who already hates
her but is “trying to turn over a new leaf.” This scene is the
set-up to a long conflict that will recur throughout the season
as needed for maximum drama. We’re all Nazanin:

Thankfully, once the cast settles in Vegas by the end of the
episode, Angel brings it back to what’s important, stating, “I
wanna get glammed up and go see J. Lo.”

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