All the Black People at the Black Panther Premiere Looked SPECTACULAR!

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On January 29, 2018, a magnificent, historic coalition of
Hollywood’s finest black talent convened to premiere what’s

to be one of the greatest films of our generation,
Marvel’s Black Panther. Early
are beyond promising. Damn near everybody (well,
all the black attendees) at the Hollywood premiere last night
showed up in their most sublime regalia and traditional African
garb to celebrate the occasion. Chadwick
Lupita Nyong’o. Daniel Kaluuya. Issa
Rae. Angela Bassett.
Let’s begin. Sincere ALL-CAPS
mode, activated.

Um, WOW??????????????????? First of all, stop it. Second of
all, we’re well aware that EVERY color available on Earth looks
good on Lupita Nyong’o, but PURPLE—an Atelier
Versace gown with black-and-gold armor—is PARTICULARLY
enriching and apropos for the event given its monarchy vibe.

…Third of all, HOW??? Angela Bassett
is showing what the
color YELLOW should look like AT ALL TIMES!!!!! Yellow should
never not look like this. Not only did she rock fringe, but
each RUNG on the PANT, each STRING of fringe, is LIVING ITS
BEST LIFE!!! YELL for yellow! BELLOW for yellow!

Have you seen what a BORING red carpet looks like when all the
dudes just wear basic black tuxedos??? THIS. IS. NOT. THAT.
Daniel Kaluuya
a burgundy Burberry blazer with a Ugandan Kanzu.
David Oyelowo is fresh as hell in a dashiki,
and Michael B. Jordan came through with subtle
though no less imperial specs of gold and embroidery.

Chadwick Boseman, the Black Panther himself,
POWERED UP in Emporio Armani. Don’t stare too long!!!

Radiance, that is Janeshia Adams-Ginyard, a
stuntwoman who said NOBODY IS UPSTAGING ME TODAY!!! Actor
Kylee Russell is in a darling pink slip dress.
Marsai Martin’s print is KILLING me softly, in
a POSITIVE way, and so is her SMIZE.

Yara Shahidi looks LOVELY AF!! Actor
Sydelle Noelle is golden and decadent and I
love that she dramatized the look with a tribal high pony.
Danai Gurira wore Viktor and Rolf, not quite
worthy of my all-caps but vibrant nonetheless.

On the tamer side of the red carpet (I needed a breather),
A Wrinkle in Time’s Storm Reid went
for a cool all-black cropped two-piece. Grown-ish
stars Chloe and Halle are dripping in finesse
and sheer, and Australian actor Aisha Dee
opted for a simple art-splashed dress.

::Legs turn to jelly and give out::


Okay, I’m back. Disney Channel’s Kayla
also kept it mellow, and actor
Allegre Acosta donned interesting lace.

Issa Rae IS JESUS herself!!!!!

Am I dead?

Ah the couples. Here’s Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V.
, Luke Cage’s Mike
and his wife Iva, and David
, looking like a suave Knight Rider, with
Hayley Roberts.

Colbie Smulders sported a shimmery candy gown;
Natalia Cordova-Buckley from Marvel Agents
of S.H.I.E.L.D., 
, and French actor Pom
 came ’cause they knew they’d
have a good time because it’d be weird and bad if they all
showed up in traditional African attire.

Winding down now… Amber Riley looks fresh in
silver floral, Disney’s Angel Parker (It’s
Disney and Marvel, so the Disney people came out) wore sequined
block and fringe, Garcelle Beauvais kept it
smooth in a simple pants suit, and Luke Cage actor
Simone Missick rocked enchanting satin.

Lena Waithe does the red carpet her way and I
love it. Janelle Monáe stuck with her
signature black-and-white and masters it again, though lately
she’s been adding luscious drops of color. Tessa
is in lacy Elie Saab.


Young actor Seth Carr is an absolute doll in
this mustard blazer. LEARN SOMETHING FROM HIM, adult men on the
red carpet. Forest Whitaker just wanted to
have a chill Sunday night and relax, man… But Black
director Ryan Coogler knew he had
to show out and look kingly. Thanks for BLESSING us.

Lupita Nyong’o, Usher and Tessa Thompson are like, “Are y’all
ready for this movie? lol.”

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