Another Celeb Nude Hacking Suspect Has Pleaded Guilty

Jennifer Lawrence, one victim of the 2014 hacking / Image
via Getty

George Garofano, a 26 year old from Connecticut involved in the
2014 hacking which leaked nude photos from the accounts of
several actresses including Jennifer Lawrence,
pleaded guilty
to computer fraud on January 11.

Previously this month Edward Majerczyk was sentenced to nine
months in prison for his involvement in the hacking and Ryan
was sentenced
to 18 months in prison. Emilio Herrera, who

pleaded guilty
in October 2017, is awaiting sentencing next

While the men in all three of the above cases played a part in
hacking the accounts of celebrities to gain access to their
photos (specifically using phishing scams) none of them were
found by the U.S. Attorney’s office to have then shared them
online. But in the case of Garofano, prosecutors allege that he
did exchange usernames, passwords, and even photos with other

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