Are Sienna Miller And Brad Pitt Dating? Don’t Expect Any Answers From Them

Sun-dappled goddess Sienna Miller has
emphatically denied rumors that she and soon-to-be divorced
Brad Pitt are dating. However, prying eyes and
ears tell a different tale.

In April, the pair were purportedly engaged in some “serious
flirting” while at a Hollywood dinner. But later, Miller
repudiated the news as a “silly” falsehood.

Recently, however, Miller and Pitt were spotted at the
Glastonbury music festival in the U.K. “holding hands and
stroking each other during a late night party.” Pitt’s
production company, Plan B, produced Miller’s most recent film,
The Lost City Of Z, so they’ve likely had
opportunities to spend time together—that is, if they
do find each other’s company agreeable.

And according to sources, that seems to be the case. Apparently
“the A-listers met up at 3 a.m. on Saturday morning in the
festival’s exclusive Rabbit Hole area before retiring to their
VIP Winnebago.” I am neither a celebrity nor a college student,
so I am only awake at 3 a.m. when I need to catch a red-eye.

In any case, we still don’t have confirmation from the two
parties involved. In April, Miller scoffed at the very notion
of being involved with Pitt.

“I’m not going to even dignify it with a response,” she said.
“It’s predictable and silly.”

[Page Six]

Gal Gadot and Vin Diesel are
adorable buds who arrange playdates for their children (though
the age gap is considerable). On Saturday, Gadot and her
three-month-old baby girl, Maya, joined Diesel and his
nine-year-old daughter Hania at a Los Angeles infinity pool.

Well, that’s just sweet.

[Us Weekly]

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