Asia Argento Releases Detailed List of Over 100 Harvey Weinstein Accusers

Photo: Getty Images

On Tuesday, actress Asia Argento tweeted out a comprehensive
list of the over 100 women that have accused Harvey Weinstein
of sexual assault or harassment.

in question provides a thorough timeline of
Weinstein’s alleged abuse, starting with Paula Wachonak in
1980, who accused Weinstein of greeting her at a door “wearing
nothing but a hand towel.” Much like the list of “Shitty Media
Men” that was circulated a few weeks back, alleged instances of
rape are highlighted, as well as instances in which a police
report was filed. Included among the list of survivors who have
already made their stories public are multiple other women who
lack the platform to share their stories and have those stories
make a huge impact. Another column on the list is labelled
“Repercussions;” while it’s mostly blank for each instance, the
one recurring word that shows up there is “career.”

Hearing survivors’ stories day in and day out often flattens
the impact of the alleged incidents. To see them catalogued so
neatly in a spreadsheet is a necessary reminder of just how
reprehensible, pervasive and predatory Weinstein’s actions

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