Catching Up by Looking Back: The Brief Return of Pot Psychology

“Oh, I was just being stupid,” is something I have found myself
telling many an editor when questioned about a particular turn
of phrase or idea in my work. I understand it’s an editor’s job
to question (and I appreciate anyone who’s here to help my
nonsense make more sense), but looking back on
Pot Psychology
, I’m reminded how refreshing it was to be
stupid without having to explain why. You could see it all in
our beady, weedy little eyes.

Pot Psychology was a video advice column Tracie Egan Morrissey
and I did for Jezebel between the years of 2007 and 2012
(though we took a few substantial breaks during that time). The
concept was simple: We’d get stoned and answer questions people
sent in. We made clear that we were not experts (but we’d have
you know that we were professionals), and further,
that anyone who chose to take the advice of two people on drugs
would likely get what they had coming to them and probably
needed more advice than they were admitting to in the moment.
Of the many things in life that you take seriously at your own
peril, willfully stupid people must be near the very top of
that list. And what better platform is there than the internet
to explore that idea?

I’ve long schemed ways to get paid for doing things that I
love. Because there are few things I’ve enjoyed more over the
past 10 years than smoking weed and talking shit with my best
friend, Pot Psychology is up there with my greatest scams. I
could only be prouder if we’d destroyed the advice genre
altogether, as exposing its ridiculousness in our satire is
part of what kept us going.

Jezebel’s 10th anniversary party
, Tracie and I went through
some of our old questions and answered them anew to see whether
we have changed or if weed has kept us in a state of arrested
development. Certainly, neither of us could remember our
initial answers. The results in the video above may surprise
you…if you’re really that invested (and if so, who
are you?).

Since Tracie nixed my idea for a Pot Psych holiday special,
this is probably the last time we’ll do this—at least for a
while. Thanks, everyone, it’s been…hazy.

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