Catt Sadler Says E! Justified Their Gender Pay Gap By Saying Her Male Co-Star Offered a ‘Different Lens’

Former E! star Catt Sadler
abruptly quit
her job in late 2017, when she discovered her
male co-host Jason Kennedy made twice her salary. In a new
essay, she explains how the network justified the pay gap and
what things have been like since her story got big.

Sadler admits in her
for Coveteur that she didn’t quit because she was
interested in starting a larger conversation about gender
equality in the workplace. She says it started as the “right
thing to do,” and she aired the whole mess because she didn’t
want to just disappear from the channel without anyone knowing
why. And the story of how E! justified the pay disparity is
worth hearing:

For me, in those moments, it was important to explain how I
had been wronged and how I knew in my core that to stay would
mean collaborating with an evil system. Swallowing my values
was not an option. What happened to me was unfair.

After exhausting all attempts to make things right, I asked
the decision makers face to face, “Why?” “Why is he, in your
opinion, worth so much more than I am? Is he doubly
good at his job?” Their response? “We’re obviously just
looking through a different lens than you.” Yes, the “he’s a
male and therefore gets preferential treatment” lens.

Since quitting E!, Sadler has blown up and become a name
frequently mentioned in the overall Hollywood gender reckoning;
Sadler says she was moved to tears when actresses sporting the
Time’s Up pin on the Golden Globe red carpet
brought her story up
again and again. On her old network,
no less.

Sadler ends by admitting that in a way, she’d thought she was
alone in her experience, but since December has heard from
people everywhere, in every industry.

“Each day I hear from girls around the world, some still
students, some just starting in the workplace, their mothers,
their sisters, their cousins voicing their disapproval with the
way things are and their hope for what is to come,” she writes.

You can read her full essay

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