Chewing Gum is Coming Back With a Writers’ Room

Chewing Gum’s star, creator and sole writer up until
had said
she wasn’t working on a third season as she
pursued other projects. She has now conquered those projects
and is ready to return to set, but with a little help this

In an
with the London Times, Coel revealed
that there’s still more to Tracey Gordon’s story, despite her
having achieved her goal to lose her virginity in 12 episodes.
However, she’s no longer going to do everything herself—she’s
bringing in other writers:

“Because I don’t want to die. My sets are not peaceful. It’s
a beautiful catastrophe. I am running around like a headless
chicken. I don’t sleep because I am writing. It’s manic. I
love it — I don’t know if I would want it any other way, but
I’ve learnt from working with proper people like Charlie;
they really prepare in advance.”

Charlie is Charlie Brooker, creator of Black Mirror,
which featured Coel in an episode of its latest season. That’s
just one of the things that briefly took Coel and Tracey Gordon
away from us, but it’s for the best. She says she has plenty of
material to inspire more awkward sex and love scenarios for
Tracy, but is not dating anyone through this rise to fame.

“I can’t be bothered. Being a woman, it’s just a bit weird,
mate, sometimes,” Coel told the Times.

Michaela Coel is a genius.

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