Dakota Meyer Has Reportedly Filed for Divorce From Bristol Palin

Sources informed TMZ on Tuesday that Sarah Palin’s 27-year-old
daughter Bristol Palin and her 29-year-old
husband Dakota Meyer have separated.

The couple wed in 2016 and share two daughters. TMZ reported
that the two are living in different domiciles but have not
filed divorce papers. However People reported on
Tuesday that Meyer has filed for divorce.

Palin and Meyer have unfollowed each other on Instagram.


There’s a sizable stable of male actors who are mainly known as
the fictional boyfriends of Sex and the City’s leading
ladies, and one of them just picked a side in the growing
between Kim Cattrall and
Sarah Jessica Parker.

Dean Winters (who, to be fair, is also pretty
well-known for playing “beeper king” Dennis Duffy on 30
) appeared on SATC briefly in 1999 as the fuck buddy
of Carrie Bradshaw (Parker). And he had this to say to Us
about events occurring in reality (or at least
being played out in the media) nearly twenty years later:

“I mean, [I’m] always Team Sarah. I’ve known Sarah for 25
years. Look whatever’s going on, I don’t give a fuck. I mean,
I just like Sarah. Kim’s nice too, but Sarah and I have a lot
of history. I try to stay out of that bullshit, you know what
I mean? Whatever’s happening I just hope it works out for

Like, how is this dude still in character?


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