Diana Ross, Master of the Appreciative Hair Flip, Hawked Perfume on HSN Last Night

Diana Ross, a “blessing to the human race” according to one of
her new customers, debuted her Diamond Diana perfume on HSN
last night. The eau de parfum was so named, Diana was made to
explain a few times, in tribute of her childhood in Detroit’s
Brewster Projects when she aspired to one day owning diamonds.
“And now I have one,” chirped Diana, who most certainly has a
few more than one.

Host Amy Morrison initially struggled when talking about and to
Diana, repeatedly referring to the diva’s four decades in music
(it’s more like six) and calling Diana by her first name and
then correcting herself with “Ms. Ross.” When Diana told her,
“You can call me Diana,” Morrison continued to call her “Ms.
Ross” until finally relenting (Diana has a reputation for being
referred to as formally as possible, as most famously
referenced in the title of J. Randy Taraborrelli’s scathing
biography, Call Her Miss Ross). I got that sense that
someone had instilled the fear of God in Morrison, and then
when God herself corrected the host, she didn’t know what the
fuck to do.

Throughout her occasionally awkward one hour on live
television, Diana Ross showed herself to be the master of poise
we all know she is. It was as though she could have done the
entire block with a book on her head…were it not for her
habit of regularly flipping and running her hands through her
extravagant bushel of hair, especially in response to a
compliment. This seemed entirely unconscious—that’s how deep
her divadom runs. A cut of those moments is above.

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