Do You Deserve a Free Egg Sandwich?

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The New York Daily News
has announced
that on midnight on New Year’s eve,
“Egghead”–which will serve breakfast sandwiches all day every
day from the Moxy Times Square hotel–will make its grand
opening with the offer of 1,000 free bacon egg and cheeses to
drunk people planning to get a jump on their 2018 hangover.
(New York).

But do they deserve the sandwich.

“The Classic,” which will normally sell for $7.50, will be a
fancy sandwich masquerading as a down-to-earth food,
notes amNY

Served on a potato brioche, it comes loaded with fried egg,
melty American cheese, fried shallots, spicy aioli, tomato (a
minor concession to nutrition) and smoky-sweet, thick-cut
Nueske’s bacon.

The New York Daily News predicts that the lines will
be “long” since the Moxy is blocks from where the ball drops,
and the offer is targeted at some 2 million maniacs ringing in
the New Year
in adult diapers
in the freezing cold to watch Ryan
Seacrest host some lineup or something while
untold thousands
of homeless people sleep on the streets
sans spicy aioli.

This is a world gone mad.

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