Enough With the Snakes, Taylor, We Get It 

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But does Taylor? I mean, she definitely gets
that she’s associated with snakes, and
how that came about, but does she get that we get that she gets
it? And if so, why does she insist on perpetuating the gag as
if we’re living in Game of Thrones and it’s her
fucking house seal?

(Btw, if you don’t get it, here’s everything you need to know about Taylor
Swift, Kim Kardashian, Kanye
, and the snake nest.)

The latest iteration of Swift’s serpentine self-branding came
in the form of a pair of Gucci boots, worn to meet fans in
London on Sunday.

As Buzzfeed points out, Swift’s public
embrace of her snakelike persona has been adamant for a couple
months now. In August, she replaced all her Instagram pictures
with three videos of snakes (to promote her new album). The
music video for her most successful single prominently features
snakes, as do other promotional materials for her new

I realize that with this take I run the risk of having people
in the comment section accuse me of being unfair to Taylor—her
behavior is, after all, circumscribed and scrutinized because
of her immense fame, gender, and relative youth. What
can Taylor do without inviting a flurry of

Well, she can stop bring up the snakes. No one I’m aware of is
still remotely concerned with or interested in the snakes. I am
sure the singer still has some snakes in her mentions, but her
mentions are not a reflection of the larger cultural shift,
which is away from caring about snakes, and in particular their
association with Taylor Swift. It’s kind of like what Faulkner
(or, whoever) said about writing,
“kill all your darlings,” meaning your precious, personal
indulgences will only detract from your art. It’s generally
ridiculous advice to give an artist, but in this case apt:
Taylor Swift must kill all her snakes.

Or, whatever, keep wearing snake stuff. Build an empire of
snakes, sell snake merch, or just get a pet snake. It’s
possible I’m the one living blissfully, ignorantly in my
snake-free bubble.


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