Everyone Will Be Dressing Like a Muppet This Fall

Photo: AP 

There are few things better than when the fashion community
unites in support of a trend as joyfully stupid as these faux
fur hats.

Pictured above is a “creation” from Prada’s Fall 2017
collection, a fluffy faux fur hood/hat/thing, that, if we are
lucky, will trickle down to the masses by the time it starts
getting cold, so that everyone you see on Instagram and at the
grocery store and in line in front of you at the ATM will be
dressed like a Muppet. According to Fashionista’s eagle
, the blue iteration of this chapeau has been spotted on
a wide range of September covers. This, of course, means that
the people who are responsible for setting the trends have said
their piece: this fall, we’re all going to look like stuffed

Consider this LOVE magazine spread featuring the
Muppets and models wearing an awful lot of brightly-colored
fake fur.

Photo: The Love Magazine

Please note: the outfit above is Miu Miu and not Prada, but
they’re essentially family, so I will let it slide. Is it weird
that Animal is wearing a coat and a hat made of material that
is roughly the same material he is? Sure, maybe, but humans
wear leather and leather is made of skin and we are ALSO made
of skin, so I’d rather not go down this road, though the image
did give me pause. Then I stopped thinking morbid thoughts and
thought about what color I’d like my faux fur hat and jacket to
be this fall.

How fun! How free! Maybe millennial pink and the omnipresent,
snoozy, body-con nude dresses that the Kardashians et al are so
fond of will disappear. We’re all going to look like tie-dyed
flokati rugs. I can’t wait.

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