Former White House Aide Omarosa Found in a Psychedelic Seapunk-Styled Space Mission to Get Donald Trump’s Hair 

Just days ago, it was reported that Apprentice star
Omarosa (alias
“Lady O,” née Omarosa Manigault Newman) was fired from whatever
White House position was made for her (unclear;
technically director of communications for the Office of Public
Liaison), but it’s okay. Omarosa will take any gig.

This 2006 video,
submitted to
Page Six, emerged from the
crazed/artistic/you decide brains of tabloid editors Michael
Todd, former In Touch Weekly photo director, Matt
Coppa, deputy editor at Star, and his brother Andrew
Coppa. Stripped of intentionally low-fi graphics, it’s a tale
about an elderly space woman who brainwashes Omarosa in her
plot to steal a lock of Donald Trump’s hair in order to conquer
the universe. Omarosa does, and that’s it. It’s a Trump-era
Der Ring des Nibelungen except with way less story and
way more Omarosa.

It is titled: “Soul Sistahs.”

be back

Update 8:26 PM: Aaand the video is down. For
clarity, it was a combination of psychedelic green screen
effects and this sequence of events: 1) a grandmotherly
stereotype in a nightgown cackles that she must get the hair of
the most powerful man in the universe (Trump); 2) this woman
beams Omarosa, in vinyl space suits à la Barbarella,
up into a vaginal Enterpriseinspired spaceship and
feeds her a piece of poisoned cake which brainwashes her to
clip a piece of Donald Trump’s hair; 3) Omarosa clips a piece
of his hair and delivers it back to the ship; 4) Omarosa turns
on the elderly woman and kicks her off onto a small moon where
the woman grabs onto a dead tree and says something like “I’m
not finished with you yet!” It could have been pitched to
Omarosa as: “hey, we’re doing a thing in the garage, have a

Here is a screengrab for posterity:

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