Hope Hicks Is Now the Official Tight-Lipped White House Communications Director

Hope Hicks has been holding down the role of White House
communications director since August, when Anthony Scaramucci
blew up his entire life to get fired almost immediately after taking the
position. She has now been promoted from “interim” to
“permanent” director.

CNN reports that a White House
spokesperson told them Hicks will remain in her role as
communications director because she’s been one of the few people to tenaciously cling to the
president’s back throughout all the roiling White House
turmoil. How does she do it? By staying quiet and staying close:

Hicks, 28, had not moved into the office designated for the
White House communications director, instead opting to remain
at her current desk just outside the Oval Office.

A lot of jobs in Trump’s administration have been hard to
hold onto, but White House communications
director has chewed through more than most: Mike Dubke, the
Mooch, Spicey Time, and now into its gaping maw
goes Hicks.

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