Illinois Sues to Bring Police Reform to Chicago, Despite White House Resistance 

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced on Tuesday
that she had filed a lawsuit to finally achieve the
long-awaited court-enforceable consent decree that would get
the ball rolling on at least some modicum of police reform in
Chicago, the Washington Post reports. Madigan’s office is
suing Chicago to obtain the decree, which would implement
changes to officer training programs and address some
discriminatory practices of the CPD.

In January, during the final days of the Obama administration,
the Justice Department, then helmed by Attorney General Loretta
Lynch, issued a length critical report on Chicago police
department practices, the result of an investigation launched
in 2015 that found some of its members routinely use excessive
force that violates the constitutional rights of Chicago
inhabitants, particularly if they happen to be black or Latino.

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Of course Trump’s AG, Jeff Sessions, who has called cops the “most
mistreated people in this country” is not going to support
anything being done about this or even lend credence to the
existence of a problem. In April, Sessions ordered that all reform
agreements painstakingly reached between the DOJ’s civil rights
division and local police departments be reviewed by his
deputies, leaving little hope that they would not be

Madigan asserted that if the Justice Department is to be of no
help to her, then her office will step into that role “The new
administration at the Department of Justice has made it clear
it will no longer seek a consent decree in Chicago…. We are
essentially stepping into the shoes of the Department of
Justice that the DOJ has abandoned at this point.”

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