Issa Rae Puts on Her ‘Big-Girl Panties’ in Insecure Season 2 Trailer

Fuck Game of Thrones. This is all the prestige
television I need.

It feels like roughly three years have passed since the season
finale of Issa Rae’s excellent show Insecure, and I’ve
practically forgotten everything that happened previously, but
this trailer for the second season (via Splitsider) provides
just enough to jog my memory. When we last left Issa, her
extremely handsome and estranged boyfriend Lawrence was having
extremely sexy sex with Tasha and Issa was crying on the floor.

Post-man troubles, it looks like she’s still trying to get her
shit together with the help of her friends and a clutch of
bad-to-just-fine Tinder dates. Molly’s going to help shepherd
Issa through her “ho phase.” Lawrence got a haircut and looks
somehow more attractive than he did before. Daniel’s still
around, Issa’s earring game only continues to improve and
really, given the way things ended last season, she can only go
up from here.

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