Kim Cattrall Says Only Demand She Made About Sex and the City 3 Was to Not Do It

On Thursday, news broke that Sex and the City 3 was
officially dead because of Kim Cattrall’s “demands.” Actually, she only had one.

Cattrall responded early on Friday morning to all the anonymous
sources accusing her of sealing the coffin on SATC’s
desiccated carcass. The Daily Mail article might have had
plenty of quotes, but none of them got it right:

Her only demand was to never appear in the franchise again, and
she got her wish. It’s called negotiating.

My suspicion is that the rest of the cast is sick to death of
answering questions about it, and decided to just put it on the
person who never shows up to anyone’s birthday party anyway.
Just look at this quote from Sarah Jessica Park in an interview with
Entertainment Weekly earlier in September:

Pressed further whether SATC 3 is on the front
burner, back burner, or no burner at all, she added, “There’s
no oven. … It’s such a hard question to answer because
everybody reads and projects so much into what I say. There
is a story. When and if we tell it remains unknown.”

Thanks for clearing that up, Samantha. You’re free!

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