Makeup Artist Annamarie Tendler Alleges Ben Affleck Groped Her in 2014, Would Also Like an Apology

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On Wednesday, Ben Affleck did a thing a lot of
men (though not nearly enough) have been doing this past week:
he apologized.

In this case, the male apology was issued to actor
Hilarie Burton for groping her on camera
during a 2003 appearance on MTV’s Total Request Live (note the
vague “acted inappropriately,” which could technically refer to
a number of exchanges).

The groping allegations against Affleck resurfaced on Tuesday
when a Twitter user tweeted that Affleck “grabbed Hilarie
Burton’s breast on TRL once. Everyone forgot though.” To which
the One Tree Hill star replied that she certainly had
not forgotten.

Now that Affleck’s all warmed up, perhaps he wouldn’t mind
delivering one of those signature sincere apologies to makeup
artist Annamarie Tendler, who’s married to
comedian John Mulaney.

And all the other people whose butts he allegedly grabbed that

[Vanity Fair]

Lea Michele just woke up like this (levitated
by her own boundless joy).

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