Mark Salling Has Died By Apparent Suicide

Actor Mark Salling has been found dead from what police believe
was suicide. He was 35.

that Salling’s body was found by a riverbed in the
Sunland-Tujunga neighborhood of Los Angeles, close to his home.
The Glee actor was awaiting sentencing on a
plea deal
on child pornography charges, which was to be
handed down in March. He was expected to get between four and
seven years in prison.

Salling was first arrested in 2015, having been reported to the
police by at least two grown women with whom he shared his
collection of sexually explicit images involving children.
Investigators eventually uncovered approximately 50,000
pornographic images involving children, some as young as ten.

According to
TMZ, it was suspected that Salling attempted
suicide in August of 2017, when he slit his wrists, though that
was denied by his lawyer. It is reported that he had multiple
arm scars; at the time, he was taken to a hospital for
psychological evaluation and checked into rehab.

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