Mia Melon’s Weatherproof Cotton and Wool Is The Answer To Fall Rainstorms

Mia Melon makes a plethora of all-weather jackets and coats,
but the
Whitney jacket
is the answer to my soggy problems.

It might seem dramatic saying that a rain jacket could change
my life, but
this isn’t just any rain jacket
(okay, I’m a little
dramatic). In the past, the rain coats I owned were made for
thunderstorms in the summer, thrown over work clothes and
packed into tote bags.

They were lightweight and if I wanted to wear them in the 40
degree rain that New York gets in fall, I had to layer up (even
if that meant sweating by the time I get to work). The heavier,
lined ones I actually needed were either way out of my
budget and looked like a pair of galoshes melted down into the
shape of a jacket, or they were utilitarian and outdoorsy,
which wasn’t what I was aiming for.

The Whitney jacket
is not only 100% waterproof cotton, it’s
also fleece lined. It’s the perfect weight for a
sub-50 degree day and it doesn’t look like you threw on one of
those free ponchos you get on tour buses. I got so many
compliments on this jacket that my friend had me text her the
name of it so she could get one too.

Unlike a lot of rain jackets, the
doesn’t cinch at the waist, allowing you room to
easily layer underneath it. This is now my official
transitional outerwear for the days between
awkwardly-humid-end-of-summer rain to

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