Miss Eaves, of ‘Thunder Thighs’ Fame, Lets Us in on Her ‘Eclectic, Really Funny’ Wardrobe

When Miss Eaves dropped her body-pos summer jam “Thunder
Thighs,” something beyond its encouraging message caught our
interest: the colorful, exciting styling within it, ranging
from eye-popping neons to funky cat-laden skater skirts. Turns
out, this was just the tip of the iceberg for the
multi-hyphenate known as Shanthony Exum.

As a well-rounded creative human—an “illustrator, a rapper, a
designer and a street-style photographer”—and ball of good
energy, Exum let Jezebel visit her home in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn,
to see how the style made the woman, and the woman made the
style. In this case, she literally made the style,
showing us a melange of wacky earrings she’s crafted via
plastic toys and everyday items, and also letting us peek in on
her range of Frida Kahlo and cat-inspired garments.

But with Clothes Whores, it’s never just about the items—it’s
about what they say about the woman, and how she relates to
them. With Exum, her desire for her clothes to be “joyous,
exuberant, just really fun and easy,” could describe her entire
aura, and her oeuvre; positive, bright, unique, and cool as
hell. Feminasty, Miss Eaves’s latest album, is
out now.

Video by Phoebe Bradford and Zoe Stahl.

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