No Shit, Donald Trump Is Racist

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Donald Trump is racist as shit, but the world already knew
that. So when he
a few countries populated primarily by black and
brown people “shithole countries” and asked, “Why are we having
all these people from shithole countries come here?” I was
disgusted, but not especially shocked.

I was far more outraged by how most media outlets chose to
cover Trump’s racism. Some Brave White Men, like New York
columnist David Leonhardt,
came forward
to proclaim, “Time to Say It: Trump Is a
Racist.” In the New Yorker, John Cassidy
that “there are good reasons for exercising such
caution” in using the big scary “R” word, but “The obvious
truth can no longer be avoided or sugarcoated: we have a racist
in the Oval Office.” Sure, Trump’s “shithole” comment could
have come from the mouth of KKK Grand Wizard, but it’s hardly
the first overtly racist thing he’s said or done. White
journalists like Leonhardt and Cassidy shouldn’t get any extra
credit for saying what Jamele Hill, a black ESPN reporter, got
suspended for plainly stating months ago.

Meanwhile, other media outlets once again obscured Trump’s
racism, using phrases like “racially provocative” and “vulgar,”
to sidestep the word that instills the fear of God into good
white people. These are some of the headlines from major

The New York Times

The Los Angeles Times

NBC News


USA Today

Associated Press

The man white Americans overwhelmingly voted for has talked
openly about his derision for black and brown people since
forever. In the 1970s, the federal government sued his real
estate company twice for discriminating against black
people. He essentially founded the racist Birther Movement,
demanding to see Barack Obama’s birth certificate, a movement
that was anything but subtle in telegraphing its message that
there was no way a Black man could be fit for office.
Throughout his presidential campaign, he called Mexicans
rapists, promised to institute a Muslim ban, and surrounded
himself by white nationalists like Stephen Miller and Steve
Bannon. He was endorsed by the fucking KKK. In his first year
in office, he turned his racist ideology into policy just like
he said he would. He has retweeted white supremacists and

that many of the neo-Nazis who marched in
Charlottesville are “very nice people.” So none of this is
surprising. The man can’t resist saying racist shit
even when
he’s trying to be polite. Donald Trump’s been
saying and doing racist shit for years, and he’s still doing it
today. Donald Trump is, has been, and continues to be racist as

But after Trump’s “shithole” comment white people of “the
media” publicly grappled with how to cover Trump’s racism.
(Remember when they
fell all over themselves
to call Trump presidential?)
Several outlets and anchors
repeating “shithole” as if that was the most
important thing happening here—and ultimately many outlets,
like the New York Times and
, acknowledged the importance of not obscuring Trump’s
heinous language. But when mainstream media outlets fail to
call racism racist, or when white reporters draw a line in the
sand to say, “Ok, now I agree, this shit is racist!”
they treat the word “racist” as more sensationalist than
comments that denigrate or offend an entire race of people, and
they don’t allow people of color, the true victims of racism,
to be the arbiters of what’s racist and what’s not.

Meanwhile, Trump’s base, which elected him not despite his
overt racism but likely because of it, are rejoicing:

Thankfully, some anchors got it right. “But as disturbing as
you may think these sentiments are, these comments by the
president, they are not actually anything new,” said CNN’s
Anderson Cooper, pointing to another Times report in
which Trump reportedly said he believed all Nigerians live in
huts and Haitians “all have AIDS” only three weeks ago.

Trump’s comments were “racist,” Cooper said. “Not racial, not
racially charged, racist. Let’s not kid ourselves. Let’s not
dance around it. The sentiment the president expressed today is
a racist sentiment.”

CNN’s Don Lemon, to whom Trump
once said
with a straight face, “I’m the least racist
person you have ever met,” went even farther. “How many
examples do you need of this?” Lemon asked on Thursday night.
“He is a racist.” I


I’d say
this, but America, please listen to Don Lemon. (And
no, white people, before you raise your hand with the question
that apparently is still being asked, you
still can’t use
the N-word).

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