Oops, Trump Says U.S. ‘Can’t’ Form Cyber Security Unit With Russia

From the looks of it, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have been
enjoying a jolly ol’ time together at the G-20
summit. Seated beneath their countries’ flags, they engaged in
acute manspreading and warmly shook hands as Putin took the
measure of the autocratic sucker beaming before him. Trump also
tweeted enthusiastically about the meeting, implying that he
would work with the Russian dictator to form a Cyber Security
Unit. But someone probably told him that was a bad idea: now,
he’s backpedaling with all the speed his simpleton brain can

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Early Sunday morning, EST, Trump indicated that he and
Putin—having reached an understanding about that pesky election
hacking—would collaborate on measures to make elections more

As Politico reports, this tomfool scheme
was not met with favor.

“It’s not the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard, but it’s pretty
close,” South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham told NBC’s
Meet the Press.

Meanwhile, Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin referred to the
Cyber Security Unit as “a very significant accomplishment.”

But late Sunday evening, it seems a majority of Trump’s
advisors convinced him that he had been misguided—or, perhaps,
at least tweeted too soon. And since Trump is always tweeting
he promptly addressed criticisms in a barely-lucid dispatch.

On the one hand, Trump knowingly—and treasonously—colluding
with Putin is terrifying and could lead to disastrous outcomes.
But if he actually believed that cooperating with Russia was a
nimble diplomatic move—if he was in fact that doltish—then that
would be frightening as well.

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