Project Runway’s Brandon Kee Helped Me Design Some Blogger Couture

Ever since Tim Gunn uttered his first “Hmm” on Project
, I’ve dreamed of being a contestant on the show.
Not only am I a capable sketcher (when I put my mind to it),
I’m also a lover of design of all kinds, be it interior, urban,
fashion, etc. I also have an innovative mind.

“I can do that…” is what I’ve said to myself multiple times
while watching Project Runway designers far more
gifted than I whip together clothing from nothing but fabric
and threads. To make it as a designer, all I had to do was
learn how to sew and sketch outfit concepts and possibly enroll
in fashion school. There was no time for that.

So when a Bravo publicist offered interviews with the Season 16
cast, I realized it was my chance to fulfill a dream that would
otherwise never ever happen. The plan was to have finalist

Brandon Kee
visit our office and guide me through a
makeshift unconventional challenge using difficult resources. I
was to design a blogger’s outfit with materials around the
office, including mouse pads and ribbons. Since we didn’t have
a sewing machine or a well-sponsored “Brothers Sewing Room,” I
found myself at a disadvantage, with a glue gun as my sole
manufacturing tool. In the spirit of an unconventional
challenge, we improvised.

Brandon was among the four designers who made it to New York
Fashion Week this season and thus the perfect person to help me
through a process that’s as hard as it looks on TV. Using a
Snuggie as the foundation of my design, I came up with what
some might call a cool, draped daytime/nighttime look (more
nighttime, I would say) that’s certainly worthy of wearing
while blogging. As Nina Garcia might say, it’s got DRA-ma.

Some might describe it as ugly. But as far as whether my look
counts as fashion forward, well, take a look at the bloggers in
your life and all around you and tell me they wouldn’t look
better in this than what they typically wear. It’s fashion.

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