Rami Malek Occupies Wall Street, Your Heart in the New Mr. Robot Trailer

Elliot Alderson is back in the Season 3 trailer of Mr.
, the dramatic tale of a sexy computer
programmer/hoodie salesman and his overbearing father, Jason
“J.D.” Dean. In this clip, we see that fsociety, the
gentleman’s club Elliot joined in order to up his social
standing, is still holding exclusive glamping retreats with an
extra-long waiting list, and it’s Elliot’s job to
ensure all attendees have the proper gear in order to minimize
their legal liability in the event of an accident.

Just kidding! But past seasons were such a mindfuck that
anything could happen; if Elliot emerged in like, episode five
as having manifested the entire earth via delusion and we’re
all just living in his Simulation, it wouldn’t probably be so
shocking. Hollywood Reporter, which debuted the clip, explains
it as thus:

Based on the new trailer for season three, it’s clear that
the next year of Mr. Robot will continue the
tug-of-war between the feuding aspects of Elliot, with his
increasing understanding of his own anarchic not standing in
the way of the raging Robot within.

Okay! That doesn’t help at all, so here are things we know to
be true: 1) Elliot is alive; 2) It looks like the bank
armageddon is still happening; 3) B.D. Wong is still one of the
best actors on television; 4) Rami Malek is still our

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Season 3 of Mr. Robot hits the USA Network on October

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