Saturday Night Social: Hosted By Woman Captured Living in an Ice Cave, Tilda Is Her Name

Tilda Swinton, Image via the AP.

The image you’re about to see was taken for a W
article about cryotherapy, a
new age treatment in which patients endure three minutes of
-230 degrees Fahrenheit in a “galactic, futuristic coffin”: the
place where Tilda Swinton lives.

W Magazine makes no mention of Tilda Swinton in the
article, anywhere, not even in the image caption. Are
we just going to ignore this image, presumably captured just
seconds after the coffin door swung open? “Go away!” she
hissed, her hair bristling to make herself look larger to
potential threats, freezing in place to blend into the wall.


Meanwhile, in the realm of the living, a weenie dog soared
through the air.

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