Spend Some Time on HGTV’s Casting Site Today

Image via HGTV.

If you find yourself with a little downtime today and feel like
taking a trip behind the curtain of one of the most addictive
channels on cable television, I suggest directing your browser
to HGTV/DIY Network’s casting site.

Though I’ve watched scores (if not hundreds) of episodes of
House Hunters, House Hunters International, House Hunters
, and Tiny House Hunters, rarely have I
given any thought to the process that matches home buyers to
one of HGTV’s seemingly infinite cameras. But a pair of
house-hunting pals in Nashville recently directed me to
Be On HGTV, and I’ve found myself visiting
it every couple weeks to see what’s cooking over at one of TV’s
most absurd development departments.

In addition to House Hunter-hunting, Be On HGTV
provides visitors with peeks into the absurdly niche casting
calls for future shows. I used to think the seemingly infinite
supply of tiny house hunters on Tiny House Hunters was
impressive, but then I saw these listings and suddenly their
searches felt achingly normal.

There’s the casting call for Love Yurts, a new
show about people who love Hawaii but hate

There’s one for My Lottery Dream
, a show where lottery winners are presumably
pressured into making ruinous decisions:

And then there’s Tiny Luxury, a show
for people who think normal tiny houses are for common gutter

What about Big Sky Country, a
show for people who are dying to live in the state where there
are only 7.1 people per square mile:

Then there’s Building Off the
, which takes the state-centric specificity of
Big Sky Country to a whole new level:

But my favorite upcoming series is the one
about that special kind of person who both wants to live in a
bus, and wants to tell the world they want to live in a bus:

FYI: by “conversion” they mean they’re converting a bus
into a house.

Though I cannot say I am in the market for any of those things,
I’m certain I will be watching all of them.

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