Teens Do Regrettable Things, Like Date Scott Disick

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The Daily Telegraph asked Lionel
what he thought of his daughter
Sofia dating Scott Disick,
and let’s put it this way, she has her whole life ahead of her!
He tells the Telegraph,

Page Six

When you’re 19 you know everything. Is it going to be for
life? I don’t know. But for right now it’s just a phase and
I’m going to stand real still in the corner, get me a good
drink and not make too much noise.

A phase, an episode, a chapter, a period of time characterized
by having a beginning, and also an ending. He says he doesn’t
really know what to think of the “well-oiled Kardashian
machine,” but she’s not doing Tide Pods, so.

“I told Sofia I will have no opinion,” he adds. “I’ll continue
to be my cheerful self and move on.”

Justin Theroux and Jennifer
joint statement announcing their break-up on
Thursday hit unfortunately right in the midst of an uneventful
gossip cycle which presently has a lot of airtime to fill. Fox
even made an
in memoriam retrospective video
with violins and piano.
Couldn’t they have done it while everyone had their hands full
with the Jenner baby? Here’s everything tangentially related to
the event:

  • The real reason: she doesn’t care for New York. [Page
    US Weekly
  • The real reason: they are very different people.
  • The real reason: he’s “really bored” with her Hollywood
    crowd. [Page
  • They hung out on Valentine’s Day. [People]
  • They signed an “ironclad” $225 million prenup [Fox
    Radar Online
  • Jennifer Aniston is hanging out with her ex
    now. [Mirror]
  • Justin Theroux is also hanging out with
    other people. [Daily

The Lifetime Channel’s Meghan Markle film, a
potentially explosive exposé of hot royal action,
expected to drop
around the royal wedding, has cast uncanny

of Princess Diana and the Queen.

  • J Law also wants to know what’s going on
    with the Karlie Kloss-Taylor Swift break-up.
  • Bieber’s pastor gets in the news again.
    York Post
  • Quincy Jones’s give-no-fucks interview keeps
    drawing outrage; now Joe Jackson is angry
    with him for calling Michael Jackson “Machiavellian” and said
    he “stole a lot of stuff.” [Page
  • Super cute photo of Drake gifting
    pre-dental student Destiny James with a giant $50,000
    scholarship check for University of Miami. [Instagram]

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