The RNC Has Dropped Its Fundraising Agreement With Roy Moore

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Ronna must draw the line somewhere, I suppose.

Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • The RNC has
    its support and congressional Republicans are

    like flies amidst a stream of allegations
    against Alabama Senate candidate and alleged child molester
    Roy Moore, who, in a recent report, is said by numerous
    locals to have hung around the Gadsden Mall as an adult man
    in an effort to flirt with teenage girls. “It’d seem like
    every Friday or Saturday night [you’d see him] walking around
    the mall, like the kids did,” one resident told Thus
    far, however, Moore has remained defiantly committed to
    staying on the ballot, because a person who doesn’t seem to
    enjoy following the law is certainly not going to be bothered
    by Mitch McConnell. [,

    New Yorker
  • So far, the confusing and deeply boring nature of
    congressional Republicans’ efforts to steal from the poor and
    give to the rich via tax “reform” has provided a shield, of
    sorts, from the level of public outrage they faced over their
    multiple failed attempts to repeal Obamacare. We’ll see if that
    sticks: the Senate GOP’s tax plan, in addition to
    boldly catering to the rich
    , now includes a repeal of
    Obamacare’s individual mandate—a move that would kick 13
    million Americans off health insurance by 2027. [New
    York Times
  • Trump ate SHARK FIN SOUP at a state dinner in Vietnam.
  • Okay—if not animal rights, perhaps at least our president
    brought up human rights during his Asia visit, in
    particular concerning extrajudicial killings in the Philippines
    or ethnic cleansing in Myanmar? No? Of course not. [Washington
  • Oh yeah, and Trump is pressuring the Justice Department to
    investigate Hillary Clinton, his political rival, which is
    something that presidents of democratic countries don’t do. But
    here we are! [New
    York Times

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to

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