This Summer, Let Your Bangs Go Wild

Image via Dirty Dancing/Vestron Pictures.

Practically everything about 2017 so far has been awful with
some notable exceptions: Moonlight won Best Picture
over La La Land, Kara Brown saw a video of a baby hippo, and curly bangs
are back in a big way.

Think of your curly haired idols. Did they recently dare to cut
a bang? Alia Shawkat’s been wearing
her bangs curly for awhile. So has Jenny Slate and Solange. Not to mention me,
your fav, Madeleine Rae Davies.

Controlling curly bangs is challenging year-round, but
particularly in the summer when the air is heavy with humidity
and your forehead sweating profusely. There was a time—full
decades—when a curly had to forgo bangs entirely or (if willing
to put in the effort) weigh their hair down with product to
keep it IMPRISONED in so-called elegant waves and
side-sweeps, lest they be compared to my hero, Carla from

There were always a handful of rebels who confidently wore
curly bangs even when they were “out”—your Beyoncés, Rihannas, St. Vincents, and Little Orphan Annies. But
these are women of great style and confidence, two qualities
often restricted to a select, blessed few.

And so we suffered through this, and this, and this. All unobtainable,
though we probably tried, but not anymore.

Throw away your curling irons, embrace air drying, and let your
bangs curl in the breeze! Let them spring freely from your
scalp like…uh…springs! Think back to the ‘70s, ‘80s, and early ‘90s when people not only
accepted curly bangs, but permed their hair to GET curly bangs.
At my most recent haircut, my stylist gave me a curly shag
inspired by Debra Winger in 1980’s
Urban Cowboy and I’ve never felt more free than I do
when not having to fruitlessly flatten my curls with a sweaty
palm. Also: I look fuckin’ cute.

Yes, my fellow curlies. We have finally returned to a time
where we can truly be our best selves.

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