Victoria’s Secret Continues Its Tradition of Racism as Models Gleefully Sing the N-Word in ‘Bodak Yellow’

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Because it wouldn’t be the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
without some sort of controversy, mostly white models backstage
at the show were videotaped singing along to Cardi B’s “Bodak
Yellow” and singing the n-word.

In the circulated video clip taken at the Shanghai shows, you
can hear the models singing the lyric “I don’t wanna choose /
And I’m quick, cut a ni**a off, so don’t get comfortable.”

It looks like the video clip was taken from one of model Karlie
Kloss’s blogs and the shots line up to her video. You can see
in her behind the scenes video
at 2:59
the models are singing “Bodak Yellow” but the line
in which they actually use the n-word isn’t included. Comments
on the video from last night were pointing out how models were
using the racial slur in the video, which indicates that Kloss
possibly edited the line out.

Image via screencap

For the past few years the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and
models involved with the show have dealt with several
allegations of racism. Just this year model Gigi Hadid and Katy
Perry were barred from performing in the show because of “visa
issues.” The
Chinese press speculated
that it was due to “political
reasons” with other outlets citing Hadid’s past
making fun of
Asian people and Katy Perry’s controversial

2015 performance
in China at which she displayed a
Taiwanese flag.

Just last year the show
was criticized
for how it appropriated Chinese and Mexican
influences on the fashion.
In 2012
the company apologized for sending Karlie Kloss
down the runway in a Native American headdress and it was
removed from the broadcast and
in 2010
they sent black models down the runway in “tribal”

Though Cardi B already re-tweeted the video on her Twitter
feed, Jezebel has reached out to her reps and those of Kloss
for comment as well as Victoria’s Secret. We’ll update this
post when they respond.

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