Y/N: St. Vincent Contemplates and Shea Coulée Gets Cocky In This Week’s New Music

Image via screenshot/Shea Coulee

Y/N is a guide
to the week’s music releases based on our very scientific,
non-subjective Yes/No rating system. It’s very

Y: Dej Loaf, “No Fear” – This video for the
first single from Dej’s debut album plays on the allure of
daydreams. Nothing spectacular, but as always I’m most
attracted to her styling: the ponytail braids and silk
pajama-suit combo, that all-white look with the bridal blazer.
It feels like there’s a dark side to this song’s naïveté,
hidden in her attempt at optimism, but I’m probably reading too
much into it. –Clover Hope

N: “Versace on the Floor (Remix)” – Bruno
Mars’s slow jam was perfect without David Guetta, whose version
flattens all the spark from the original. CH

N: St. Vincent, “New York”
I love Annie Clark but this new St. Vincent song is… fine? I
miss the weird, arty rockstar vibes that fit her so perfectly
on her last record. At least she’s back! –Hazel Cills

Y: Calvin Harris ft. Jessie Reyez, “Hard to
– I’m into most of the songs on the new Calvin
Harris record but this song, featuring Jezebel favorite Jessie Reyez, is an
especially sweet closer after a full album of back-to-back
party tracks. –HC

Y: Shea Coulée, “Feels So,” “Cocky,” and
Last week there was a mild éscandalo among
RuPaul’s Drag Race fans after Sasha Velour won the
title of America’s Next Drag Superstar over Shea Coulée, who
seemed both like a shoo-in and like perhaps she didn’t get a
fair shot in the finale. (It was also especially wrenching
because Sasha and Shea are best friends!!)

Not one let the bastards drag her down (NOT A PUN), Shea
bounced back with three new videos ranging from
breathless midnight ballad (“Feels So”), humid sex jam (“Ride”)
and slick hip-house boast (“Cocky”), all of which show her
versatility and her attention to glamorous detail. She may have
lost Drag Race but she’s still a superstar. Plus she
rhymed “be a legend” with “all dogs go to heaven.” I can
relate! –Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

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